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Burning Desire is the Driving Force of DESTINY!
December 4, 2020


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Although providing some programs itself, through its various resources Destiny - Pride also supports other alliances which help to strengthen the quality of services that fosters the healthy development of children, youth and their families.  As a lead entity, we have created a network of existing community service providers with the goal of creating a seamless system between our participants and those community service providers.  Although there are numerous service providers in this city, many of them perform their services in “silo-type” environments, which limit their ability to provide adequate services – either they do not have enough client participants in their programs or they have too many client participants, but not adequate services for them.  By cultivating collaboration by and between those service providers, Destiny - Pride operates as the single point of entry to the service providers to connect them to the clients and the clients to service providers, thereby spreading out and maximizing the array of services and resources that are available.

Destiny – Pride will utilize a state-of-the-art data tracking system (Destiny – Pride, Inc. Client Tracking System [DPICTS]) that will entail intense “top-to-bottom” customer assessments.  Those assessments will determine the appropriate Results Utilization Grouping (RUG) into which an individual will be placed, which is vital to the implementation and success of the Individual and/or Family Service Plans (ISPs and FSPs, respectively).  RUG assessments will enable us to determine the best treatment modality for the individual and/or family. 

We will also utilize, where possible, Medicaid waivers, which will enable us to tailor and design the most effective service plans for our customers.

Destiny - Pride leverages the skills and experiences of its Board of Directors, officers, staff (including its volunteers) to identify methods and programs geared to enrich and enhance the quality of life of the individuals in its program and to help them understand, recognize, and ultimately realize and develop their potential beyond what they could have imagined.  We work with the various governmental agencies, community providers, faith-based and other organizations and institutions with the purpose of consolidating resources and services, as well as vocational training, relevant workshops and programs for our participants.  Training programs include basic social skill awareness; literacy training; basic computer skills; job skills training; personal development life management training; economic and financial stability training; teenage pregnancy prevention; and various other workshops, peer-to-peer sessions and focus groups.