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March 23, 2019

Services: Mentoring

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A mentor is a positive, adult role model who can help build and maintain a consistent and trusting relationship with a child. In our mentoring program Destiny – Pride will match its participating youths with inspirational adult mentors who will work to help them develop better self-esteem, create healthy relationships with family members and friends, and make positive life choices. A caring and attentive mentor can provide the necessary environment to get a child interested in new and exciting opportunities and can help him or her tap into his or her own talents and abilities. It is Destiny – Pride’s belief that many of the problems our youth are experiencing regarding truancy, low school performance, substance abuse, teen-age pregnancy and youth-on-youth violence can be attributed to the lack of involvement of caring adults who can provide reliability and stability in their lives through relationship building. This invaluable relationship is something our young people will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service or other services we provide, you may contact us by phone at (202) 547-0202 or simply fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you.


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