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August 14, 2018

Spotlight Archive

July 2010

Dr. Edwin C. Chapman, Jr.
Dr. Edwin Chapman, MD, PC

Internist and Cardiologist

June 2010

Ron Clark, Founder & CEO, RAP, Inc.
Mr. Ron Clark

Founder & CEO, Regional Addiction Prevention, Inc. (RAP, Inc.)

May 2010

Dr. George H. Rutherford, II, Ph.D
Dr. George H. Rutherford, II

Principal, Ideal Academy Public Charter School

April 2010

Mr. George "Geo" Johnson
Mr. George "Geo" T. Johnson

Executive Director, District Council 20 AFSCME

March 2010

Rev. Anthony J. Motley
Rev. Anthony J. Motley

Pastor, Activist, Educator, Co-Founder – Redemption Ministry, Co-Founder – East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership

February 2010

Major Nadrian Denise McGill
Major Nadrian Denise McGill

Site Commander, Site Support Staff, Inspector-Instructor, Washington DC, Located at the Navy District Washington, Anacostia Annex, United States Marine Corps

January 2010

Pastor Anthony L. Minter
Pastor Anthony L. Minter

Pastor, First Rock Baptist Church, Washington, DC